The Wonders of Creation by
Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen:
An Introduction for process of pregnancy

Whether you are a new mother, an expectant mother, or a woman of fertile age who is concerned with or considering starting a family, this new book by Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen offers insight, suggestions, advice, and guidance that will be of great value to you.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and an essential part of the circle of life as one generation leads to the next. However, it is also a time of great change, transition, and adjustment. As the baby grows, so grows the mother and the family as a whole. Some of this growth is exciting, and some of it can be scary for the rapid adjustment it brings and the vulnerabilities it creates.

The Wonders of Creation

addresses the many connections that exist between the physical, emotional, biological, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and fetal growth. With a steady hand and the experience of years in the profession, Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen leads readers through the entire process of pregnancy: from the moment of conception through the birth of a new child, and everywhere in between. In this new and compelling book, Dr. Bat-Cohen provides helpful tips and exercises, thoughtful explanations, and food for reflection at each step of the way.
This information, found only in The Wonders of Creation will greatly influence the way you approach and consider pregnancy, as it provides advice, exercises, and teachings both medical and spiritual that will greatly benefit the mother, the father, and the entire family.

Who is this Book, The Wonders of Creation, Written For?

By our very nature as human beings, the creation of new human life impacts us all: after all, we were once that small germ of new growth in our own mothers womb. This book explains the connection between body and spirit that helped create who each of us is, as an individual. However, it was written specifically as a guiding voice for new and expectant mothers, and all women of fertility age.

 Expectant mothers will find The Wonders of Creation to be especially helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, its vivid explanations of how a fetus develops each month provide insight into the nature of the mother-child relationship even before a baby is born. It explains how this relationship is established, and how it changes throughout the pregnancy and after birth. It also provides many useful stretches and physical exercises that are specifically designed to help the flow of energy throughout the mothers body, and within the womb, which can have a significant impact on the energy to which the fetus is exposed.
 New mothers who are busily nurturing their newborn children will, even though pregnancy is complete, find solace and understanding in Dr. Bat-Cohens deep understanding of the changes that take place during pregnancy, and how this impacts the spiritual and emotional identity of the mother. Though the pregnancy is completed when the child is born from the womb, the journey the mother has been on stays with her. The more understanding she has of the process she has been through, and what those changes mean, the better she will be as a mother, and the healthier she will be within her own well-being.
 Women of fertility age, whether they are hoping to conceive or just starting to think about it, will find that The Wonders of Creation presents useful insight that is not found in other sources. The journey of pregnancy is more than just a growth of the fetus into a new person: it is also a growth (both spiritual and physical) for the mother. When the child is birthed, though the body may appear similar to before the pregnancy, the mother is a new person. Her place in the world, and her thoughts and her spirit, have been brought into a new way of being. With wise insight and helpful practical explanations, Dr. Bat-Cohen explains the nature and process of this incredible journey. This helps women who will soon become pregnant to better understand and prepare themselves for this time of important transition.

For Great Journeys, Guidance is Essential

Conceiving of a child and going through the nine months of pregnancy is a journey for everyone intimately involved: the child, the mother, and the father, all three. And the way these three interact and relate to one another (and relate to themselves) changes as the process unravels.
Much attention is given to the positive aspects of a pregnancy and the journey to birth:

 Excitement about the upcoming child
 Growth and a new chapter in the life of a family
 A new member to share life with
 The joy of bringing a new life into the world where there was not one before
 Wonder at the small miracle growing slightly larger with each passing day
 The anticipation of what the new child will be like (who they will be)
 Preparing the home for the upcoming baby
 Focusing on the health and well-being of the mother during preparation
 Increased dedication to the love and protection of family
 Preparation for providing wise guidance for the child as it grows
 An overall sense of love, joy, and happiness at the thought of a new infant
 And much more.

Joys Are Not The Whole Story: Guidance Through Spiritual Challenges

These things listed above bring great joy to the mother and father, and even to friends, family, and neighborsand rightfully so. But they are not the whole story.
The Wonders of Creation addresses some of the challenging aspects of pregnancy:

 Achieving balance between a mothers conflicting mind and body needs
 Adjusting to the new identity as mother (for first time mothers)
 Understanding how external stimuli can impact the fetus development
 Dealing with the intimate physical and emotional stress of such rapid change

And other complex issues. Bringing a child into the world is not only a physical challenge, but a spiritual and emotional challenge as well. The process of pregnancy is an incredibly intimate one, especially for the expectant mother. Dealing with the daily psychological stresses, emotional turbulence, and cognitive dissonance that can so easily arise is not as simple as one would hope. Depression and stress are bad for both mother and child, and so addressing and dealing with these and other issues is important to the health and well-being of the entire family.

A Womans Guide To Understanding The Challenges And Trials Of Pregnancy

Understanding these issues is the first and most important step. In her book The Wonders of Creation, Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen draws on her own personal and professional experience to help the expectant mother (or woman of fertility age who is planning to soon be pregnant) navigate these months with wisdom, grace, and understanding.

The benefits of the information in The Wonders of Creation are many:

 Learn about the changes your body and the fetus will go through together (laid out from month to month)
 Learn how to balance your mind, body, and spirit during pregnancy
 Learn exercises to do with your partner to prepare for pregnancy
 Learn meditation advice to help (and not hinder) the baby
 Learn how energy and marital relationships directly impact your child
 Learn how to acknowledge and work through difficult emotions
 Learn nutrition advice to benefit your body and mind during pregnancy
 Learn wisdom, guidance, and advice directly from Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen
 Learn all this from one woman to another

Who Is Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen? About Your Author

Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen is more than just an author. Her decision to write this book, The Wonders of Creation, comes from personal experiences with the women she works with  daily. As a special therapist for women and a specialist in alternative medicine and holistic therapy, Dr. Bat-Cohen brings a rich background to her writing of this book. She has extensive experience and training in a number of different aspects of healing and therapy, including:

 Japanese medicine
 and more

Whats more, Dr. Bat-Cohen teaches workshops and classes in topics such as:

 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
 creating a healthy lifestyle
 energy flows
 and more

Strength in Diversity

These many different aspects come together to create one of the most balanced, helpful, and truthful pregnancy books that has been published. Because Dr. Bat-Cohen works with women every day, she understands the emotional complexity, physical stress, and spiritual depth of pregnancy. And because she has such training in her background, she is able to look at these complex issues from more than one viewpoint, ultimately offering readers a far more valuable insight into these problems than one discipline alone would provide.
The Wonders of Creation was written by Dr. Bat-Cohen after her first book, Anima, was very well received by readers, prompting her to provide additional insight and help to the women and families in search of spiritual and physical guidance during pregnancy.

Why These Things Matter: The Important Wisdom Contained in The Wonders of Creation

1: Wisdom Concerning The Physical Component of Pregnancy
For the truly memorable, truly challenging, and truly meaningful journeys in life, there is no such thing as being too prepared, both physically and emotionally. As with marathon runners and mountain climbers, pregnancy is a journey that is incredibly physical. The physical challenges and stress exerted on a womans body, not to mention the extreme changes she goes through in a period of just months, are quite considerable.
The Wonders of Creation addresses the various physical changes that contribute to the journey of pregnancy, providing nutritional and exercise advice to help the expectant mother achieve balance and keep strength as the growth of the fetus and transition between conception and birth unfold over this mystical period of nine months.

#2: Wisdom Concerning The Emotional Component of Pregnancy
Yet, just like marathons and mountain climbing, the physical aspect is not the only measure of change and growth. Pregnancy presents emotional challenges of many types. All three require strength, resilience, and determination to stay patient, brave, and calm even when times are hard and the situation is challenging, frustrating, or even scary.
Pregnancy is perhaps even more difficult than these other journeys, as it also puts the woman in a unique situation of changing hormones and a changing relationship with her identity. Her relationship with her body and how it is used is going through a time of transition, and her relationship with the world and her role in it is changing as well. These challenges are more than difficult: they can be truly frustrating, and it is not uncommon for an expecting mother to feel anger at the tensions and varying needs she feels torn between during pregnancy.
The Wonders of Creation addresses emotional strain and stress by providing pregnant women invaluable insight into regaining balance and navigating the complex emotional waters of pregnancy. Readers will learn which emotions to indulge and which emotions to challenge to have the healthiest pregnancy, both for mother and for child.

#3: Wisdom Concerning The Spiritual Component of Pregnancy
Because the soul and personality of the expected child are established well before the day of birth, and because this soul lives and dwells as part of the mother (yet separate from her) up until that day, the spiritual component of pregnancy is inseparable from the physical and emotional elements of this transition.
Just as the child is undergoing spiritual transition and growth to grow into its new place in this new world, the mother is experiencing a spiritual transition all her own. But transition is not always easy. Given the powerful experience and the considerable impact it can have on the mothers identity, spiritual turmoil is just as common as emotional turmoil during the months of pregnancy.
The Wonders of Creation explains in detail, and with deep wisdom, compassion, and understanding, the nature and specific challenges that the spiritual component of pregnancy creates for the woman.
Dr. Bat-Cohen, with her experience as a specialist therapist for women, also understands how important it isfor both the mother and the childto understand and address the spiritual challenges of pregnancy. As a receptacle for the creative life force that dwells in us all, being pregnant is a great responsibility. This is a process that should be done correctly and with great care for all aspects of well-being, including spiritual, for the good of the fetus and the child its growing to be, and for the good of the whole family.

What You Will Find Within This Book:
This book is a culmination of years of dedicated and intimate work helping women achieve balance, health, and well being. The advice contained within The Wonders of Creationwill not be found elsewhere so expressed. It comes from Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohens professional expertise, personal insight, and sincere dedication to helping women who are or will be pregnant to fully understand the responsibility and challenges of the journey of pregnancy. And even more, it provides practical and compassionate advice for how to fully meet these needs and remain in true balance and harmony throughout the pregnancy.

Contained in this book, The Wonders of Creation, you will find:

 A month-by-month guide to developmental aspects of a growing fetus
 The spiritual explanation of conception and pregnancy as a whole
 Month-by-month teachings concerning the changing relationship between mother and child
 The role of pregnancy within the spiritual structure of the family
 Dangers of imbalance and conflict that may negatively impact the baby
 Physical exercises (including artistic and helpful illustrations) that will help the health and balance of both mother and baby
 Information on energy and meditation, and how these can be used to help the health and resilience of the pregnancy
 What types of meditation may be detrimental if improperly incorporated
 Foods that will help the physical well-being of the infants grown
 Foods that provide comfort to the mothers well being as the pregnancy progresses
 How conflict and lack of balance may make a pregnancy more difficult
 Physical exercises that can be done as a couple (the woman and her partner) to impact the well-being of the infant, the mother, and the entire family unit
 Mental and emotional exercises that will positively impact the infant throughout the course of the pregnancy

As you see, this book, The Wonders of Creation, which is the second to be published by womens therapy specialist Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen, provides extensive insight into pregnancy on many levels. From spiritual understanding to nutritional and exercise advice, the approach is as well rounded as the scope of the book itself. Pregnancy is not a one-size-fits-all issue, nor is birth, so Dr. Bat-Cohens extensive study and diverse background makes her uniquely well-suited to provide the very useful advice that is contained within this very special book.

Pregnancy: The Truest Connection Of Body, Mind, and Spirit

One of the most wonderful aspects of pregnancythe intertwining of physical, emotional, and spiritual growthis also one of the most mysterious. It can at times be even overwhelming.
The Wonders of Creation explains some of the most important ways that these three components are interrelated. Understanding these connections can help an expectant mother as well as her husband to not only be more aware and cognizant of the complex connections they are a part of, but to make decisions and choices that will have a healthy and positive impact on each of these components, and thus, on the health of the pregnancy as a whole.

What makes pregnancy such a wonderful experience? At the core of the many changes going on, there is growth, new life, happening. As it grows physically with the help from the mothers body, nourishing it and providing it a safe place to live, it also grows mentally (emotionally) and spiritually (as it becomes its own unique soul with an individual identity separate from its parents).

This complexity is a blessing, but it is also a responsibility. As parents, the mother and her partner are responsible for doing the best that they can to provide:

 Physical safety
 Emotional stability and love
 Spiritual support and acceptance

The Wonders of Creation explains how these three elements are not just things provided for a child after birth: they start as soon as conception takes place. During each month of growth, from month 1 to month 9, the growing child has different needs and a different experience from its home inside the mothers womb.
Understanding infant development, not just physically, but spiritually, is integral for providing the best possible environment for that development to take place within.

Essential Guidance For New And Old Parents Alike

If you are a new parent and this is your first pregnancy, Dr. Bat-Cohens guide will undoubtedly provide you with comforting, encouraging, and concretely helpful advice for creating exactly this type of environment for your growing child.
If this is not your first child, you know first hand that pregnancy and the birth of a child are wonderful and often overwhelming events. Having gone through the experience once before certainly introduces you to some of the extremes of emotion (from joy to fear, from peace to apprehension, from bliss to self-doubt) that are common along the journey. But it does not make you an expert.

So whether this is your first or fourth child, the guidance of Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen that fills the pages of The Wonders of Creation will help teach you new things about the experience you are taking part in, and will help you find new ways to learn and absorb lessons that you may have already known, yet were looking to better implement in your own life.

When It Matters Most: Harnessing The Resources Available To You

As mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as being too prepared for the birth of a child. After all, this is a human being that is created through the process of conception and grows  from a microscopic size to the size of newborn (large compared to where it began) in the course of just nine months.
Even for mothers who have already gone through the process of pregnancy and birth, it is still just as mysterious, just as much of a blessing, as the very first time. With and understanding of the physical and spiritual relationship of the beauty that is growth and birth, Dr. Bat-Cohen guides expectant mothers through the months of pregnancy, providing valuable information that will help in both practical ways (such as exercises and nutrition) and in ways that cannot be measured (such as spiritual health and balance).

Learn From An Expert: The Wonders of Creation Draws On Real Life Experience

The knowledge that Dr. Bat-Cohen has gained in her work as a special therapy provider to women is indispensable, so taking advantage of her willingness to share it through this book, The Wonders of Creation, is a great opportunity for expectant parents.

Whether you:

 own twenty other pregnancy books and are looking for a different point of view
 do not own any pregnancy books and want to learn about the relationship between mother and child
 are in search of meaningful guidance concerning the connection between body and spirit (especially with regards to pregnancy, growth, and development)
 have already read Dr. Bat-Cohens previous book, Anima, and are eager to again learn from her seasoned advice
 are in search of balanced insight into the complex changes happening as the babys body, personality, and soul each develop,
 are seeking guidance for keeping your own bodily, spiritual, and emotional needs in balance during the course of your pregnancy,
 would like spiritual guidance,
 would like practical advice,
 would like all of the above,

then in all of the situations listed here, The Wonders of Creation is exactly the book that will meet these needs and exceed your expectations.

The Book That Will Exceed Your Expectations: Helpful Advice, Wise Guidance

Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen has real life experience as a woman working with women every day. Her primary focus is providing special therapies to women that help address their needs on many levels. From Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to menopause, and everything in between, Dr. Bat-Cohens seasoned advice, wise perspective, and helpful suggestions help women balance body, mind, and spirit to achieve true equilibrium, which is essential to every aspect of holistic health.
Of the many stages of life that women experience, the time of pregnancy, of becoming a mother, is one of the most beautiful and most difficult to describe. With her extensive experience, Dr. Bat-Cohen draws her knowledge from many different healing backgrounds (including homeopathy, nutrition, Japanese medicine, acupuncture, Sujok, and others).
This well-balanced combined approach serves as an excellent resource for expectant mothers, and indeed for any woman of fertile age who may soon become pregnant. When you are preparing to go through the nine months of pregnancy, many changes (of many different types) will happen to you. This guide, The Wonders of Creation, and the excellent advice it contains, will no doubt prove invaluable to you, as it has proven to the many clients that Dr. Bat-Cohen has served in her time as a practitioner of woman-centered therapy.

Responsible Pregnancy: Using Trusted Advice To Provide A Good Home Even Before Birth

From the moment of conception, the embryo is quickly on its way to becoming a fetus, an infant, a child, and one day an adult that will eventually bear children of its own. Throughout each and every stage of this development, even the very first, the processes of physical and spiritual growth are inseparable.

Medical doctors advise expectant mothers on the medical needs of their pregnancies. Religious teachers and leaders can provide guidance on spiritual growth. Psychologists provide insight into mental processes. Friends and family who lend a listening ear offer emotional support and perspective.

But these are, too often, kept separate, when in fact, they overlap and intertwine constantly within each of us as an individual. This is especially true during pregnancy, when the physical and spiritual lives are not only intertwined, but are both changing together: alongside one another, with one another, and in some ways, in opposition to one another.
Because pregnancy is sometimes a harmonious process, within the mother, and sometimes a dissonant one (with seemingly different spiritual and physical needs), having a trusted guide during this time is essential.

Dr. Reuma Bat-Cohen is exactly that sort of guide. With experience guiding women through the complex places where the physical and the spiritual intersect (such as menopause, homeopathy, and various healing traditions), her insight is incredibly valuable. As the women she has worked with can attest, Dr. Bat-Cohens expertise and approach are helpful in measurable ways and immeasurable ways alike.

Reading The Wonders of Creation as a New Mother
In fact, the valuable advice and information contained within The Wonders of Creation,which is written primarily for expectant mothers or those who may soon become pregnant (women of fertile age), mothers who have already given birth will also find this book to be quite valuable.
The nature of the mother-child relationship is a complex one. It is at times challenging and is often beautiful. Yet it starts well before the mother and child can speak directly to one another or even make eye contact: this relationship begins during some of the earliest stages of development during a pregnancy.
So, therefore, even if you are a mother who has already given birth, understanding how the spiritual and physical development of your child have progressed up until this point will help you understand how this relationship began forming and what sorts of elements have shaped the child you love so dearly.

How Dr. Bat-Cohens Book Shares This Valuable Knowledge
Just as the development of a child inside the womb is complex (it gains physical, spiritual, and personal growth as its body and personality develop together), so the way we learn about this process is complex.
There is no single how-to guide that can fully prepare anyone for the great responsibility and mystery of parenthood. It is with that understanding that Dr. Bat-Cohen shapes the advice and guidance contained in this book.

The Wonders of Creation works to provide expectant mothers, fertile women, and new parents advice on several different levels

  • Practical steps: These include pregnancy exercises, nutritional advice, and meditational instruction (such as which types are good and bad for pregnancy) that give the pregnant woman easy-to-follow steps that will help enable a healthier pregnancy (both physically and spiritually).
  • Emotional preparation: Addressing the challenges of pregnancy from a womans point of view, Dr. Bat-Cohens book is honest and straightforward about the emotions that will challenge a woman during the months leading up to the childs birth. By being honest and straightforward, she provides an avenue for the woman to acknowledge, explore, and deal with these emotions in a helpful and beneficial way.
  • Spiritual and developmental explanation: Helping parents understand not just how to handle a pregnancy but also why to handle it that way is very important. The Wonders of Creation teaches parents about the physical and spiritual relationship that starts the moment a child is conceived and progresses through each trimester. During each such trimester, the spiritual growth and needs of the child and of the mother progress in markedly different ways. In this book, Dr. Bat-Cohen explains what is going on and why, so that parents can be fully prepared to provide the best possible environment for both mother and child.

The Value Of Good Guidance For Your Pregnancy: Purchase The Wonders of Creation To Benefit From Dr. Bat-Cohens Advice and Insight

By now, you have read about the many strengths and services that this book brings to the reader. Whether a first-time parent or already a parent, pregnant or raising a newborn, interesting the spiritual growth of mother or child, or any combination of these reasons, The Wonders of Creation is written precisely for a reader like you.

Taking advantage of Dr. Bat-Cohens willingness to share her knowledge, experience, insight, and guidance with new and expectant parents is simple. This book is available for purchase right now; the download is fast and simple, and the valuable insight the book contains will be yours to read in just a matter of moments.

By purchasing this book, you are benefiting yourself, your child, and your family as a whole. If you recall, The Wonders of Creation brings together many of the different elements that are going on simultaneously during a pregnancy, ultimately offering:

 Experienced advice on how to prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your child
 Guidance on how to deal with the emotional highs and lows of pregnancy
 A deeper understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual development of your child
 Further understanding of how the physical, psychological, and spiritual development each unfold, and especially of how they are related to and intertwined with one another
 How the changes that go on inside the mothers body affect far more than just her physical health
 Advice, understanding, and explanation of the complex emotions and spiritual changes that mothers go through, especially during their first pregnancy
 Over a dozen different exercises and meditation instructions designed specifically to increase healthy energy flow, decrease stress, and benefit the mother, child, and father (the family unit as a whole)
 Nutritional and lifestyle advice, and other tips and tricks to keep a pregnancy running smoothly


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